Tracks Produced by David John Lynch "Diamond"

Melody Lee Hayden - "Stay Safe"

Radio Ja‚Äčmmers - "One And Only Crime" (Official Music Video) 

Radio Jammers - "Everybody's Pain" (Brand New Music Video)

Radio Jammers "Beautiful Ideas" Album now on all digital platforms worldwide.

Joel Turner & MDP - "These Kids"

Minefield - "Commin Home"

Relentless - "You're A Hero"

Larry McGrath - "Journeys Of The Soul"

Melaine - "Welcome To My World"

Whole Other Animal - "Hard"

Sheven Shaffer - "Impractical Bell"

Jessy - "In The Middle Of A Dream"

Echoed Silence - "Patiennt"

Nadine Mitchell - "In Your Face"